Everything Lala Kent Has Said About Her Relationship With Randall Emmett (2023)

By Leena Nas

'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent isn't holding back and is putting all the dirty details about her life with Randall Emmett out there.

Everything Lala Kent Has Said About Her Relationship With Randall Emmett (1)

A full three years after they were first engaged to be married, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have called it quits and have officially announced their split. Shocked fans thought this was going to be the worst of the news regarding this high profile breakup, but as it turns out, Lala Kent has had a lot to say about what has really been happening behind closed doors.

She has given her fans a lot of insight into what Randall is really like behind closed doors and has shared details surrounding what her life is now like, without him. Lala isn't holding back at all. She's putting it all out there for her fans to hear and is painting a picture of a life that is far different than the one she portrayed on The Vanderpump Rules.


10 Lala Kent Felt Like Her Life Was A Lie

Now that she and Randall Emmett are no longer a couple, Lala Kent has opened the floodgates to reveal that she feels every aspect of her life with Randall was a lie. She was truly devoted to him and believed they would share a bright and hopeful future living "happily ever after."

Now that she has discovered he was cheating on her, Lala feels as though her entire life was a lie. Nothing is as she thought it was and the future she was building towards was a far cry from the fleeting moments of pleasure Randall was seeking from other relationships. “The only truth I feel that existed in my relationship was me and my daughter Ocean. That is where the truth ended. That is a hard pill to swallow,” said Lala.

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9 She Was Blind To Signs Of Her Deteriorating Relationship

Hindsight is 20/20, and now that she is able to take a step back and peer into her personal life from a different perspective, Lala Kent admits that she had turned a blind eye to many strange behaviors that Randall presented.

“I had my head in the sand for a really long time, but I'm grateful no matter what," said Lala, referring to the fact that there were indeed signs of trouble in paradise before her relationship crumbled. She found ways of justifying questionable moments and missed signals that she now realizes had once existed. Now that she's single again, she's able to reflect on all the signs of trouble that Randall presented.

8 Lala Kent's Tattoo Dedicated To Randall Emmett Was Transformed

Lala Kent isn't the first woman in a relationship to regret having her ex-lover's name tattooed on her body, nor will she be the last. The difference is that Lala took matters into her own hands and transformed that tattoo into something entirely different. After discovering Randall Emmett's infidelities, Lala Kent changed her "Rand" tattoo to read "bRand new," which worked wonders for her self esteem. "The ‘bRand new’ tattoo is such a vibe. It's just such a fun thing to say, ‘Like, I'm brand new” … and it's in my handwriting — and I am brand new.." she said.

7 Lala Felt 'Disposable'

Now that Lala Kent has broken her silence on her breakup, she has revealed many details about Randall Emmett, including the fact that he made her feel 'disposable' in their relationship. After discovering that she was cheated on Lala said, "Every day I find out something new that makes me feel [like], ‘Lala you were so disposable the whole time. You meant nothing. … You were a possession, a shiny object and nothing more." Fans were crushed to hear that the love she once felt for Randall was never truly reciprocated, and that Lala was suffering greatly with these difficult emotions.

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6 Randall Emmett Doctored Lala Kent's Engagement Ring

Lala's explosive diamond ring revelation sent shockwaves through the internet and had fans across the globe buzzing with shock. She claims that Randall had even lied about her engagement ring - a ring that many of her friends and family had admired for the entire duration of her 3-year engagement. The whole time she was wearing it, Lala thought she had a $150,000 ring on her finger. Lala now claims that the 6-carat ring was actually treated to change its color and was worth significantly less than she imagined. Everything about her ring and her engagement seemed to be a farce.

5 The Breakdown Of Her Relationship 'Haunts' Lala Kent

Lala Kent has admitted that this is a very painful breakup for her and admits that this "haunts" her daily. She says she thought that her life was all figured out, and she had her sights set on her future with Randall, and now the idea that she was lied to and cheated on continues invade her emotional space.

During a podcast interview, she said, "I wonder often where I'm getting strength from and obviously, I see my daughter and I know exactly where my strength is from, but I'd be lying to you if I said that, you know, this whole experience has been traumatizing and it haunts me daily."

4 Lala Wishes Someone Would Have Tipped Her Off

One of the most painful aspects of moving on as a single mom has been the fact that Lala feels she very alone on this journey. She thinks a lot of heartache could have been avoided if someone in her circle had tipped her off about what Randall was doing behind her back or had at least helped her open her eyes to the aspects of her relationship that weren't adding up. "I wish that somebody would have come to me and said, I'm getting DMs about your person. No one voiced any concern for me and my relationship," she said.

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3 Lala Referred To Her Situation As Being 'Very Dark'

These recent revelations by Lala Kent are a far cry from the times that she fiercely defended Randall on The Vanderpump Rules. At one point, she defended her relationship with Emmett and indicated that those times in her life were "very dark." She did her best to manage her situation but felt very isolated and alone with the way her engagement was dissolving and the future she thought she would have started to quickly disappear. She even called Emmett "the worst thing to ever happen" to her.

2 Lala Kent Is Grateful She Didn't Marry Randall Emmett

In spite of the new life adjustment she is facing and the fact that she is still reeling from the shock and pain caused by Randall's actions, Lala Kent realizes her situation could have been much worse. She has publicly declared that she's grateful their wedding didn't take place. During a segment on Not Skinny But Not Fat, the outspoken Kent said, "I thank God and my dad daily that I never married him. The thought of it sends me into a panic."

1 Lala And Randall Don't Communicate At All

The dust is slowly starting to settle around the relationship that once existed between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett, and Lala has revealed that these final stages of their breakup don't involve any communication between them at all. She candidly described her final moments with Emmett by saying, "He came home. I had seen the pictures. I kind of knew what I wanted to do. We didn't have a conversation about it and I packed my stuff and I left. No communication about anything. Even now it's through lawyers."

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