8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (2023)

Classic engagements are for diamonds and blush colored flowers. White gowns and expensive food fills the light of a single day. The honeymoon to an exotic land follows and all live happily ever after.

But, what if you want something different?

The best part of a wedding is getting to make everything the way that you want it! Your engagement is going to be perfect because it will be uniquely yours. Anyone who tries to tell you that what you want isn’t right, they’re wrong.

So let’s talk about the best part: the ring!

Diamonds and gold are the old standard. Stealing the scene and becoming a bit of a trend setter among the most fashionable ladies are Morganite engagement rings.

The pale color of Morganite is soft enough to look like the way you blush when you see your beloved at the end of the aisle waiting for you. Like the sky at that moment before the sun shines on the sea, Morganite is that perfect shade of blush.

W​hy do you want it instead of a diamond engagement ring? So many reasons…

Table Of Contents

  1. ​What Type of Gem is Morganite?
    • ​Morganite Meaning
  2. Vintage Morganite Engagement Rings
    • 2.Morganite Vintage Estate Diamond
    • 3. Morganite and Diamond Cluster Ring
    • 4.​Estate Diamond and Morganite Gold Ring
    • 5. Vintage Morganite Diamond Halo Ring
  3. Morganite Rings with Rose Gold Band
    • 6. Morganite Trillion Solitaire “Beverly”
    • 7. Emerald CutMorganite Engagement Ring
    • 8. ​Unique Oval Cut Rose GoldMorganite Engagement Ring
  4. ​Quality and Characteristics of Morganite
    • ​Caring for and cleaning a morganite ring
    • What gold color band goes with Morganite?

​What Type of Gem is Morganite?

Morganite is the sister of both Emerald and Aquamarine. That’s an amazing family; don’t you think? The family is called Beryl and it has stones that are different colors, which is how they earn different names.

​Think of it like a first and last name:

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (1)

“Please meet Morganite Beryl, sister of Emerald and Aquamarine Beryl”

Raw Morganite

She was born in Madagascar in 1910 and named after the man who funded countless gemstone collections and mining trips that are still displayed in museums like the MET worldwide: JP Morgan. A gemologist for Tiffany’s was investigating the terrain of Madagascar and decided that the blush colored beauty should be named to honor his friend.

The color of Morganite is pale with orange and pink tones. A strong colored Morganite is very rare and not often seen. So, if you want a stronger color for your Morganite, you’ll just have to get a bigger stone. If you want to go big, this is the time to do it; you’ll wear this ring forever, make it stand out.

​Morganite Meaning

Morganite is so fitting for an engagement ring because it’s the stone that is known to protect your heart. Morganite ring beliefs are that it promotes a healthy heart both emotionally and physically.

(Video) Morganite Engagement Rings: What Do They Mean And Are They a Good Choice For an Engagement Ring?

Also, and so lovely a tale, Morganite is said to warm the very soul of the wearer. In fact, the entire Beryl family represents purity, which is what makes a Morganite engagement ring a perfect representation of your marriage.

Vintage Morganite Engagement Rings

If you are loving the look of morganite but still want a ring that nobody else owns or has a little bit of history to it, than here are 5 beautiful period pieces with morganite stone to inspire you.

1. Vintage Emerald Cut Morganite & Diamond Ring


8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (2)

A rectangular peach morganite and diamond ring that’s got a bit of charm and elegance wrapped into one ring.

2.Morganite Vintage Estate Diamond

by PenelliBelle

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (3)

For the right buyer, this one-of-a-kind morganite ring is going to shine bright (like a diamond!). The art deco inspiration is evident in the geometric styling.

3. Morganite and Diamond Cluster Ring


8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (4)

Why have one diamond when you can get a whole cluster?

4.​Estate Diamond and Morganite Gold Ring

by BravermanOren

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (5)

Sparkly and gorgeous. Well-crafted by 5-star Etsy artisan, this morganite ring in rose gold is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

5. Vintage Morganite Diamond Halo Ring

byEtsy: OliviaLeoneJewelry

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (6)

Wow. What can we say about this halo cluster ring crafted in yellow gold— unique, chunky, and GoT worthy!

Morganite Rings with Rose Gold Band

Want something a little more mordern? Here are our top 3 morganite engagement ring contenders that caught our eye.

6. Morganite Trillion Solitaire “Beverly”


8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (7)

A handmade ring made with genuine morganite gemstone. The trillion-cut, peachy pink beauty measures 10mm and averages 3 carats. Hello, you can’t get that kind of carat (for the price) with a normal diamond ring!

7. Emerald CutMorganite Engagement Ring


8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (8)

This emerald cut ring made our list for so many reasons. Dainty, exquisite, and handmade are just a few.

8. ​Unique Oval Cut Rose GoldMorganite Engagement Ring


(Video) What do you think of Morganite engagement rings? 💍😍✨

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (9)

This ring made our list of Etsy unique favs! There is something about the design and stunning rose gold morganite that really pops!

​Quality and Characteristics of Morganite

​So, now that you’re totally ​gawking over Morganite, let’s look at the key qualities to look for when buying a morganite engagement ring.

​What are the colors of Morganite

The colors of Morganite range from a cold pinkish-violet to a warm pinkish-coral. Whether you have a cool or a warm skin tone, you are in luck!

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (10)

Morganite is that magical shade between the two ends of the rainbow that will find its place with anyone’s taste.


A natural Morganite has a yellowish influence to its color. Often Morganite will be heat-treated for two reasons. One, the heating of the stone produces a more blush worthy pink color. Two, the heating of the stone makes the color stable and unaffected by elements such as intense heat.

So, if you find a Morganite with a yellowish influence, it is probably a natural color. A stone with a violet or pink hue has probably been heated.


So, now we know that you can have your Morganite in any color, more good news, you can have it in any shape too! Morganite is cut in every shape you could imagine.
Also, the fact that the color ranges for these stones means that you might want a heart shape in one color, and a princess cut in another color. The options are endless.


​Go as big as you want, because Morganite is abundant up to 10, that’s right, 10 carats! Buying a Morganite engagement ring is going to be one of the easiest parts of your wedding planning, because you can have everything you want.

​Morganite Stone Value

Morganite is surprisingly affordable for such an all around amazing gemstone! The most expensive stones are those with a vivid and saturated pink color. Yet, these stones are usually smaller and we don’t like them as well anyhow.

The most valuable and rare large Morganites are actually too big to be worn as an engagement ring unless you have a personal trainer for your finger.

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (11)

Although Morganite is available widely today, it is still seen as a rare and coveted stone due to the fact that it was discovered and introduced by Tiffany’s.

​Caring for and cleaning a morganite ring

Taking care of your Morganite engagement ring will be fairly easy as the stone has a higher hardness than it’s brother, Emerald. More durable, but not indestructible, treat your Morganite with care and it will sparkle for the rest of your life.

To keep your ring clean, use a toothbrush with soft bristles and warm soapy water to clean your stone. Most jewelers will clean your ring for you free of charge, so make a trip into a jewelry store and ogle the beauties while you wait.

What gold color band goes with Morganite?

Morganite’s versatile colors mean that depending on the colder or warmer tone, it may be better paired with white or yellow gold. Yet, our absolute favorite gold color is perfect with ANY Morganite.

Rose gold Morganite engagement rings are the loveliest of them all! The rosy hue of the gold coupled with the rosy hue of the stone, sigh. It makes your engagement ring look like it’s blushing all over.

We’ve absolutely fallen in love with morganite engagement rings. The all around delight of these stones from birth to 108th year anniversary makes us swoon.

Now go out and find that morganite engagement ring that makes you blush as much as the love of your life. You’ll want to wear this one till death do you part.

(Video) What I WISH I’d known BEFORE getting a MORGANITE ENGAGEMENT RING // pros, cons, price and MORE!

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8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush (16)


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